CNC Quality supplies everything from single parts to the major series of more complex and assembled products. We want to be a partner, in close cooperation, to help strengthen our customers’ competitiveness.


Automation and process optimization becomes more important the larger series produced. Our machinery and accumulated experience enables us to find the right solution without compromising quality. We also offer complete concept where we take a broader approach to the production process, for example the purchase of materials, painting and curing. If a larger production capacity, we cooperate with other engineering companies in Karlskoga region.

Product development

To produce something exactly to specification is good, but we want to add further value by contributing to the customer’s product. We at CNC Quality has built up a strong skills base through the years in close cooperation with our qualified and ambitious customers. It involves both refine the product and reduce production costs.


Production and cost proportionate to the number of processing steps, and thus save a well-made fixture lot of time and money. CNC Quality has a good network of specialists that help us including qualified strength calculations and design drawings at the fixture.


Sometimes we take a greater role in the process, with overall responsibility for product assembly with several detailed articles. In cases where the customer does not have a complete manufacturing process means great savings. The alternative would have been to hire more contractors, with higher costs and more complex logistics as a result. We take responsibility for even complex mounting and of course a thorough check.


Developing a is a qualified craftsmanship CNC Quality has many years of experience. We also have the best machines on the market. CNC Quality has among other things made all the engine block in the prototype stage of Volvo Cars the last fifteen years.

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